Corporate Sponsors

Elizabeth House would love your business's support.

Here are some great ways your business can support our cause:

  • Donate monthly or annually

  • Donate to a monthly bill like: Electric, water, rent, food or other household costs.

  • In-Kind Donations- Instead of donating money or volunteer time, you can give equipment, products, or goods.

  • Internal employee fundraising match

  • Display a change jar in your office

  • Donate gift cards

If your corporation is interested in supporting our cause please contact us

Thank You!

Here at the Elizabeth House, we are appreciative and very thankful to our corporate sponsors, whose significant contributions help us to provide a safe place for victims and their children to live. Every single donation is momentous to our collective vision of helping women and their children in need. Your amazing support has a remarkable impact on the Elizabeth House and the goals we are trying to achieve.  

We Need Your Support Today!

Phone: 407-968-9922

Registered Charity: 81-0614242

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