Our Services

  • Living Skills
    Case managers assist residents with decision making and goal planning. They are taught safety planning, money management programs, help in coordinating educational needs, free community services, parenting classes, computer training and retail sales
  • Support Groups
    Weekly support/discussion groups break the isolation many women and children have lived in, provide a safe place to share and listen, teach the dynamics of domestic violence and how to break the cycle of abuse.
  • Legal Assistance
    Staff and volunteers will be available to assist with applying for an injunction for protection, court appearances, or personal advocacy. Referrals to our own Elizabeth House attorney will be made on a case by case basis for legal representation through the injunction process and other related issues.
  • Children’s Program
    Children, ages 3 through l7, will be taught to identify abuse, build self-esteem, resolve conflicts without violence, develop and use a safety plan if necessary, and break the silence about violence at home.
  • Spiritual Enrichment Classes
    Elizabeth House offers non-denominational Christian programs and Bible studies to the residents and their children