Sandra Preston

Founder / President

For many years, Sandra has been in upper management in various disciplines. For 10 years, she worked in the hospitality industry with her last two years at the Peabody Hotel as their Human Resource Director in Greenville, SC. When she resigned from Peabody, Sandra moved to Destin, FL to help her mother who was terminally ill. It was in Destin that Sandra began a new career as Executive Director of two state shelters and a transition house for women and their children that were domestic violence survivors.

After five years in Destin, Sandra moved back to Orlando to be near her family and grandchildren. It was then that she noticed a huge gap in services for domestic violence survivors as they left the shelters with a maximum stay of 6 – 10 weeks. God gave her a vision for opening a transition home where the women could begin to heal body, soul and spirit. Thus, Sandra opened her own home as Elizabeth House with six available beds in June 2003 and only $150.00 in her pocket and a social security check to live off of.

Elizabeth House has helped over 45 families get back on their feet and move out and live violence free lives in the five years since opening. In addition to the families, Elizabeth House has responded to thousands of crisis calls for help. If the women didn’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior before they came to Elizabeth House, most have been prayed to receive Christ before they leave.